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At TLV Productions we offer total package deals or a la carte services depending on your specific needs.
  • Live Musician - DJs, String Instruments, Drummers, Singers, Live Band  
  • Entertainment – MCs & Dance shows
  • Audio, Visual & Sound Engineering
  • Lighting Design 
  • Event Entertainment Consultation & Coordination

TLV PRODUCTIONS specializes in the highest quality event entertainment. We offer a wide
range of: musicians, DJs, MCs, Art Dancers\Dancers, Singers, and much more.

TLV PRODUCTIONS offer services for any manner of occasions, from a small party to a special
occasion, including: Mitzvahs, weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties, launch parties,corporate events, and more.

We are able to provide entertainers who are able to play or entertain in any sized venue you could think of, whether it is your own front room or garden, a grand hall or an office party.

As leaders in the business, we provide quality entertainers, with significant experience and
excellent reputation in the industry, to guarantee a full satisfaction to you.
We work hard to build the perfect event for you and your guests, starting by selecting the
right entertainers according to your needs and your budget.
We will make sure that the event goes smoothly as planned so you can have fun and enjoy your event to the fullest.


We specialize in:


- Trussing & Staging 

- Up-Lighting

- Custom Gobo Monograms

- Centerpiece and Cake Pin-Spot Lighting

- Backdrops with Up-Lights

- Outdoor Lighting, such as Market Lighting, Japanese Paper Lanterns, and String Lighting

- Intelligent Lights

- Moving Heads (Elation & Mac)

- Laser Show 

- LED Video Screen

- C02 Machine


We are offering a designed lighting system for your occasions that makes the place look

beautiful, glamorous, and creates a party-like atmosphere.

All lights are connected to a computer and are controlled via professional lighting software (Light jockey) or by event requirements.
The LED wall lights can be set to any color that you desire, or can slowly change from one
color to another. The truss is covered with a white elastic cover and has an LED light inside
for elegant look.





We have top rated equipment and certified technical support to help you meet all of your audio equipment and production needs.


-Powered Speakers

- PA Speakers 

- Staging & Backline

- Consoles

- Processors

- Effects Processors

- Amplifiers

- Monitors

- FOH Cabinets

- Microphones

- DJ Equipments

- Rentals



- Corporate Events

- Private shows 

- Concerts

- Clubs


Any event imaginable we can handle the stage,

from house party to  concerts.


Interested in hiring A DJ for one of your special events? Lets Talk.​

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