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TLV PRODUCTIONS specializes in the highest quality event entertainment.

We offer a wide range of: musicians, DJs, MCs, Art Dancers\Dancers, Singers, and much more.



What We Do 

TLV productions & Entertainment offers the largest variety of services and products for corporate, public, and private events.

Our audio visual and technical expertise extends beyond corporate conferences, exhibitions, and live concerts with flexible stage services and creative media production.

Browse extensive portfolio displays to see what’s possible and discover what we can do for you.


As more than just a basic lighting company or production team, we work with you to execute your plan and accentuate what makes it special. Let’s go bigger and create an immersive, memorable experience.

 Share Your Vision. 

It all starts with a consultation. We are inspired by your excitement and energy, so we take the time to listen to your ideas, needs, constraints, and dreams.

and won’t ever size it down or diminish the vibrancy of your goals. Through the design and planning process, we apply innovative technology solutions with a thousand details for one everlasting memory.

 Courageous Concepts. 

At TLV Productions, we’re committed to your goals and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. After the consultation, we have a clear view of the concept 

 With communication systems in place and skilled leaders backstage, we ensure that audio, lighting, screens, and performer cues are all perfectly timed.

 Time to Execute. 

Our energized team brings the concept and plan to real life with technical directing and coordination for seamless execution.

What We Know 


What We Do 

At TLV Productions we offer total package deals or a la carte services depending on your specific needs.

  • Live Musician - DJs, String Instruments, Drummers, Singers, Live Band  

  • Entertainment – MCs & Dance shows

  • Audio, Visual & Sound Engineering

  • Lighting Design 

  • Event Entertainment Consultation & Special effects

About Us

About Us

At TLV Productions we have a passion for creating events that capture the imagination and inspire thrilling memories. We don’t just fulfill your goals and objectives with a one-size-fits-all solution. Through bespoke event production services, we collaboratively plan and problem-solve with innovative technology solutions, ensuring that the final result is bigger and better than your expectations.

It  takes a THOUSAND details to create ONE everlasting memory...

Discover limitless possibilities with a team of carefully vetted, highly experienced creative and logistical experts.

We’re more than just a production company with the know-how and technical capabilities to perfect and perform every detail for corporate event planning.SL Creative Partners offers physical structure and rigging for concert production, event tech communication systems, special laser or fire effects, interactive displays, seamless audio, and more. We’re equipped, experienced, and excited to get started.

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