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About lights 

The proper event lighting can create a feeling of soft romance by mimicking the glows of candlelight or a full on party atmosphere with a vibrant medley of colors for your event.Highlight your floral and decor elements through the use of pin spotting. Make a statement by having your name in lights. Build excitement by having color-coordinated up-lights or wash the room in your wedding colors.


Picture your event space completely illuminated with color. LED fixtures will bathe your dance floor, ceiling or any selected area in your choice of color. By comparison, up-lights make focused columns of light that travels up the wall.

Wash Lights 


Transform your venue from ordinary to extraordinary with uplighting. You’ll have a near limitless color palette to select from with our modern, LED lighting technology. You can create an ambiance of soft candlelit romance with amber uplighting, or decorate your space in festive colors matching your themes, floral blooms, or linens.The up-light fixtures are placed strategically throughout the room to create brilliant columns of light that beam up the wall or architectural fixtures. Up-lights are a dazzling way to tie together your design and décor elements.

Pin-Spot Lights

Pinspotting is a lighting technique used by us to bring attention and illumination to various areas of your event. When your room lights are dimmed, the effect is magnificent and appears to make the target “pop”. Most often seen on centerpieces -whether elaborate or simple- a pin spot on your floral arrangements makes a dramatic statement and bring attention to a bridal or groom’s cake, create visible walkways for outdoor nighttime events, assist your guests with seeing your outdoor food stations, spotlight product showcases or fashion runways, and more.  It is one of the most intricate lighting tools you can utilize for your indoor or outdoor event.  

Intelligent Lights

Intelligent lighting has been the norm for concerts, festivals, and larger corporate events ever since ShowCo invented the first modern version of the moving light for the Genesis tour in 1980

Today’s moving lights are more complex than ever before, with more features and programming options for the fixtures, and control surfaces.  You need a company that understands how to use and program intelligent lighting – but also, how to use intelligent lighting to set the mood of your event.  Rock and roll shows are great, but knowing how to use intelligent lighting for a high end wedding reception, a corporate reveal, or an EDM show is a totally different look. 


Custom Monogram Gobo

Gobos are used to project images for branding, artistic purposed, and especially in the case of your wedding is your day to be a star, so why not put your name in lights? Using a special fixture coupled with a custom made gobo TLV can project your names, monogram, wedding date and/or design elements onto a wall or the dance floor. This will add a personal touch to the décor of the day and can be customized to match design elements from your stationery, invitations or the graphic on the bottom of your photo booth strips.


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